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Its been, gosh, 10 months since I wrote a journal update? I also haven't submitted any new work recently. .. well, before today's mass upload.
I really need to set some kind of weekly reminder or something to update my DA. 

My Badge orders for BlizzCon opened, and then.. uh.. closed! All what seemed very suddenly. I received a massive number of orders and then had to stop taking any more due to more Real-Life complications. My husband had brain surgery in August and I was his acting-nurse for the weeks beforehand and then recovery afterwards, so trying to balance that and work was extremely difficult. I'm still trying to catch up and get them all complete even now, with only 2 weeks left til we leave for Cali! But I now have MY OWN LITTLE BADGE WORKSHOP! I ended up investing in getting myself a decent lamination machine, paper cutter, lanyard cutter, etc etc. So, I now have everything I need to print and finish all the convention badge art I make, all by myself, in my own home. :D

I'll be pretty busy post-BlizzCon, and won't be able to take any open commissions. I will however be prepping to do my first ever convention as an artist, with a table, in a dealers room/artist alley! It will be for a Fur-con, here in Dallas. I've not really ever delved into the furry world before this, but I've done a lot of anthro related art regarding Warcraft races, and its a challenge I think could be super fun to take on. So, I will likely be doing badge art for that convention, as well as working on misc prints to sell. But I'll share more details regarding that as and when I know them. 

If you were sent here via my Twitter or Website, Hi! 
Welcome to my .. um.. Gallery. I'll have a proper website portfolio thing soon, I promise. 

Salacnar Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
i loved you art on WoWHead but since now if found you here on DA
MechaTrav Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome back! :D  Aside from seeing your wonderful art, I'm happy to hear about your husband's recovery, and your part in caring for him. I can speak from experiance about how much it means to have a loving wife/significant other to care for us after a medical issue, and I applaud you for being one of those wives. :)

Again, welcome back! And I hope you have fun at the con!
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