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My first DigiSketch Monday was .. interesting. I screwed up. I was offering portraits for less than the cost of my convention badges, and they were supposed to reflect that in the time it took to draw them. They were supposed to be quickie sketchy things, hence, being called sketches, and max out at about 2 hours for each. I ended up spending an average of 5 hours on them. I'm apparently very bad at limiting myself. 
I had full intention of doing this again next week but with much firmer rules in place (for myself), but, as it just so happens, BlizzCon was announced today. These sketchy days were supposed to be for my off-season, but I only got in a single days worth of orders, before getting bombarded with con-badge requests. And so .. DigiSketch Mondays will be cancelled in favour of Con-badges, most likely. I really enjoyed the not-really-sketches I did though, and will hopefully offer occasional affordable commission slots for them, sporadically. 

Regarding the BlizzCon Badges themselves: I AM NOT YET OPEN TO ORDERS. 
I need time to figure out this years ordering system, spreadsheets, shipping, etc etc. This year, I know for sure, my husband will be in charge of all the ~businessy~ things, like order information, client correspondence, and all that jazz. It will leave me free to just concentrate on getting the work done and not stress and freak out over piles of emails. 

I WILL announce on here when orders are open, and in what format you can put in your request. (might be email- but will most likely be a web form again). I'll update this journal when I get more information and/or have sorted out my brain .. thing. 
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BewareBeyondBirthday Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yay can't wait !! to order a commission to you! :D
MystCirai Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Hello :) my name is Cirai (or @taydercirai in twitter) I had a question for you about the blizzcon badges. I was just thinking about your artwork and getting things signed etc. I was curious IF I can get a badge from your this year (cause I know you get busy) would you allow permission of the image to be used for a screen print on a t-shirt? My thought was making the badge size about x3 bigger and placing it on a white tshirt, and then getting the tshirt signed. I am the Event Coordinator over at GAMEBREAKER NATION and I know during our party and the Convert to Raid parties this year I would love the people I meet to sign something. When you get a chance to think about this or any thoughts on it let me know :)
Noxychu Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I can definitely supply you the fullsize digital file when its all done, with/without a transparent border or frame if you'd like. But- the badge file is printed to actual size, the larger the file the longer it often takes to draw so the full size is 4 or so inches, blowing it up to 3x the size may blur or pixelate the image. 
MystCirai Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Thanks for info! I would gladly take it even at the 4 inches. The entire purpose is more to get signatures, so in theory that does leave for more room to sign on :) (just saw post on twitter so excited)  and thanks again for responding back ^^
EmberIsolte Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, and here I was thinking your Digi-sketch Mondays have been going on for a while now. I am thrilled that I was lucky enough to get a spot in your experiment! And I appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into mine when you really shouldn't have!! And may I suggest: Maybe set a timer for 2 hours and sketch 2 new samples to show for those types of commissions? I was beyond impressed that you were offering colored sketches same day that look so, well.. not sketchy! <3 I'd love to see what your more sketchy style would look like too. I love quick messy pieces just as much as polished ones.

And good luck to you this badge season, Noxy!!!
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