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Holy cow. This years big badge season has been .. big. 
I had fully intended to post up a DA journal entry with details, and my badge ordering page, and all that jazz, but my BlizzCon badge slots sold out in LESS THAN FOUR DAYS. Four. Days. Thats 150+ badge orders. I was supposed to close them sooner, but I was on the side of the road with my husband and a car with a very broken wheel. (not a flat, the actual wheel itself was shattered from work-debris that was lying in the road) So, they ended up staying open a few hours longer than they were supposed to, allowing another months worth of work to trickle through. 
Logically I guess this means I'm still not charging enough for badges, or .. I dunno. Logic is hard.
Last year I had people pick up badges in person from me at the convention itself, so it they were all for people that attended it, whereas this year we've been mailing them all out to people, so I have no idea. I really really hope I see a bunch of them inside the convention hall so I can just scream out HEY I MADE THAT! Maybe I'll make stickers to put on the backs of the badges I find at the con, as a "Hey I found the artist!".
I may just go back to the pick-up method next year. Not sure yet. (This would save on shipping cost stuff)
As of writing this, I have yet to post completed badges to my DA account, but at this point there are just SO MANY OF THEM it will take me aaagggeess, so for now they are all being posted on my tumblr as and when I finish batches. 

I wanted to re-open badge orders around September. 
I really, really wanted to.
But I can't. I still have too many to do, and BlizzCon is coming up.. fast. It feels fast. 
It feels awful to admit that I don't have the time to get more done, I know lots and lots of people have asked if/when I'll be reopening, and I always gave the same answer of "I'm not sure", well, now I'm sure, and I'm sorry. ): 

): ): ): ): 

Many many sad faces of sadness.

However, I will still be auctioning off the last two badges of the season! I've made a neat looking frame edit, one with silver and one with gold edging, and I will put them up on separate auction days and do bidding via my twitch stream page, just like last year. The dates for these have yet to be decided upon, but I will post on Twitter when they are (likely middle of Oct). The Auction winner badges will be for pick up at BlizzCon only.

In the period after the BlizzCon craziness, I will take a little time off to play Warlords of Draenor, then get back on the badge/con art wagon with preparations for the Texas Furry Fiesta. I'm hoping to open up furry toon/chibi themed badges on my FA page, to match the theme for the 2015 convention, but that isn't a promise as yet. I've got lots of print ideas, and other little plans for the con, but the busybusybusy never ends. 
I'm planning to re-open the sketch-monday commissions around this same time, too, for both Warcraft portraits and the furry genre. 



United States


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Mahmeya Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  New member
your WoW-related art is awesome
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Happy Birthday, Noxychu!
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Happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday and thanks for all the awesome art you're letting us enjoy! <3
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Happy birthday, hope you'll have an amazing day!
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Noxychu O Noxychu
You Lovely little Nerd
You stole my heart
With Wow Themed Art
And I respond with Words
Ferrik-96 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
You are the fucking boss <3
blueIeye Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like your work.
EmberIsolte Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are so talented! I find it funny that I found you on FA through a friend's favorite'ing of one of your pieces over there when I've been hearing about you a lot on Twitter, mostly through friends who've already commissioned you! The more I see your work, the more I wants a commish for myself! *watches and follows you on all the social media things*
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